Customer data quality technology

Keep your customer database clean and up-to-date, generate reports on its accuracy and improve client communication by cross referencing and verifying against a wide range of high quality reference datasets.

ClientConnector is Acceleon’s next-generation batch processing tool, designed to support companies of all sizes in maintaining and improving their B2B and B2C data quality.

Access the world of customer data quality and get the best results at the best price.

Improve your customer data quality

Are you still dialling telephone numbers that are no longer connected? Wasting time and money sending emails or letters to old addresses? Missing out on sales with invalid data?. 

Inaccurate or insufficient data can have devastating effects on your business. From wasting thousands of dollars in revenue, making poor business decisions, to losing customers. 

ClientConnector will help you

Increase sales: By adding complete information to your existing customer database so you can better communicate with your clients. ​

Save time & money: Having the correct mail addresses, dialling connected numbers and using email addresses you did not have before.​

Retrieve lost revenue: By re-establishing contact with your clients.

Customer data quality technology


ClientConnector accesses a variety of high-quality reference databases to improve the currency & consistency of your database as well as appending & confirming details of an existing client list. It also automatically classifies records as Business or Consumer.

Our easy to use platform delivers trust, reliability and industry gold standard for compliance in the Australian market.

Customer data quality technology

How does ClientConnector work

Easy and fast steps to find the up-to-date information you need

Customer data quality technology

Why use ClientConnector?

  • ClientConnector is a unique offering in the Australian marketplace with a strong emphasis on customer retention and enhancing customer experience.
  • ClientConnector ensures your customer information is correct and up-to date.
  • Search for individuals (consumers) and businesses from a single input. 
  • ClientConnector delivers a single output file with up to date customer information in an upload ready format for your CRM or customer database.
  • Powered by a wide range of trusted and exclusive data sources.
  • We manage security, privacy, regulatory and commercial implications associated with our data sets.
  • Real-time and cloud-based.
  • We are top data science experts.

Acceleon Australia fraud prevention strategies for banks and financial services

We can integrate with any of your systems

This is a more advanced and customised version of Acceleon. 

We scope the problem, and we build a custom API to integrate directly into your systems and remove the need for manual intervention. 

Powered by..

Over 300 million records

  • Name

  • Address

  • Email address

  • Phone number across current and historical datasets



Customer data quality technology

FAQ’S about ClientConnector & Customer Data Quality

What is customer data quality?

Identity fraud (also known as identity theft or crime) involves someone using another individual’s personal information without consent, often to obtain a benefit.

Who’s ClientConnector for?

ClientConnector is designed to support companies of all sizes who wish to improve their B2B and B2C data quality.

How can we be sure Acceleon is data compliant?

Acceleon has received comprehensive legal advice in respect of the handling of its data. Our data is sourced from publicly available datasets, marketing data, and other legislated data sources and is obtained in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). We maintain high standards of how we collect, hold, maintain and use personal information, specifically within the Australian legislative framework.

What is data cleansing?

The review and correction of records or databases to remove redundancies and inaccurate, incomplete, or otherwise misleading information is known as data cleansing.

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