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Access the world of quality data and get the best results at the best price. Search, locate, append or enrich your database, through the powerful set of tools and solutions! Our platform delivers trust, reliability and industry gold standard for compliance in the Australian market.

Inadequate data intelligence costs time and money

Quality data became a key business asset a long time ago. Companies today try to embrace new technologies and enhance their records. More often than not, they end up with inefficient customer databases, not integrated into their employees’ work processes.

Neglected customer data means wrong business decisions

Our clients have various lifecycles of their data quality. Working within the industry for a decade, we are able to address any type of data weakness.

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Neglected customer database

Access the most trusted, legally compliant consumer and business data source.

As part of the maintenance of our databases, we constantly improve and standardise our data to ensure the best quality. We compliment the databases with the most sophisticated searching, cross-referencing and matching technology available.

We take care of accuracy and compliance so that you can spend time building quality relationships.

Businesses are under constant pressure to follow consumer protection laws and industry guidelines. That takes time, and building trust and relationships are what actually grows your business. We can help you with time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the work that really matters!

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Customer Cloud Features

Serch & Locate

Search and locate

Locate Single is a default feature for searching and locating consumers and businesses. It links and cross-references a range of current and historical data and combines results from a range of sources to provide the most relevant information.

Fix errors

Fix errors and improve your data quality

With a Locate Batch and through the append mode, the Customer Cloud will perform tight matching on each row to correct or append missing data. Locate mode will verify your data and provide wider-reaching criteria and provide additional and secondary customer information.

Acceleon Locate Batch
Acceleon Client Connector
Data verification

Data verification

To immediately improve the quality of your customer database, simply upload a spreadsheet or a text file. Client Connector is a customer data quality management feature that will take your existing customer database and within moments, return comprehensive and current data.

Why is Customer Cloud different?

We combined a strong engineering backing and remarkable industry experience with handling, aggregating and utilising large databases.

At the same time, we manage security, privacy, regulatory and commercial implications associated with our data sets.

Easy to use platform, dedicated support and high-quality results.

Customer Cloud
Annually, our platform performs
  • More than 156 MIL searches in total
  • 26.4 MIL landline validations
  • 14.4 MIL mobile validations
Home Office
We service
  • More than 300 companies
  • More than 4,000 active users

Market leader

Acceleon has proven the market leader in terms of the currency of information, application innovation and compliance with regulations. Acceleon is our first point of call when performing any skip-tracing activity.

Lyston Thayer, General Manager, Prushka

High-quality data

Experian is very happy to have Acceleon as a data quality partner. Aperture Data Studio is a powerful and easy to use data management suite that helps you manage consumer data quality projects with ease.

Experian Team

Best data, at the best price

Improve your data

Use individual searches or batch system.

Use compliant sources

We actively monitor current or upcoming legal requirements.

Cut costs

Get exclusive client pricing model or a custom solution!

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Let’s turn your customer data into your advantage

We also know that not all client requirements can fit into the specific product. This is when our data experts do tailor work according to your needs.