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We help you leverage data to beat your competition

Don't drown in data


62% of mid sized businesses in Australia sighted data or tools to improve insights into customers and experience as a key priority in the coming years.


When used effectively this flood of new customer data can empower companies to more efficiently acquire new customers and better serve their existing clients.


However the real battle is in understanding what data to collect, process and analyze, and how to integrate this data in the general business process of your company to achieve this results.

The right partner can make all the difference


To succeed in this new data rich environment companies need a partner that can help them navigate the opportunities presented by these new data streams.


A good partner can help implement the correct tools to turn this raw data into refined insights that help them drive revenue and improve bottom line performance.


Acceleon is a trusted partner for leading enterprises looking to make the most from these new data opportunities.


We help accelerate growth through the clever design & implementation of be-spoked systems that leverage customer and analytics data to help power your business.

Every solution, tailored to a perfect fit

Company Data Strategies

We help companies develop an overall data strategy in line with their corporate goals.

Compliance & Risk Management

We are experts at helping companies manage their data compliance and risk management obligations.

Effective Solution Design

Leading companies trust us to help design effective, data driven solutions to meet critical business requirements.

Customer Segmentation

Working with market leading partners we can help segment your customer base.

Data Cleaning & Optimisation

We can help you dramatically improve the quality of your corporate data to better serve customers.

Data Driven Marketing Acquisition

Our data sets and technology drive some of the worlds leading offline & online marketing efforts.

Our process

No two companies are the same, and so our process is always different. That said, here's a common thread we trend towards in our approach to unique problems.

Scoping & strategy

There's no point delivering amazing results if they don't achieve the right objectives. Here we work to rapidly test, learn and shape up a collective understanding of your business problems.

Solution design

We use cutting edge analysis techniques to ensure the ultimate problem-solution-fit. We believe in doing the right things, the right way, the first time.

Agile development

We develop all of our products and one-off solutions the same way - nimble, agile and uniquely lean every time. We don't preach good development practice, we ship it.


We believe delivery and change management are hygiene factors of good solutions. Having that sorted means less time transitioning, and more time optimising your impact.

Let's work together