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QA with newly appointed Brett Hogarth


‘What I am striving for is a complete solution via the Acceleon Customer Cloud that can be tailored to suit user types in packages that deliver value quickly and easily, while also offering bespoke client solutions tailored to their exact needs’. 

You have great experience in sales and client service, what did attract you to this role with Acceleon?
What drew me to Acceleon was a combination of the technology and the team. The capabilities of Acceleon stood out to me as impressive, holding so much potential for growth into new markets while expanding our services to existing users. And the team is amazing – they are a group of highly capable technical and service experts who are continually looking for new ways to serve our client’s needs. With a strong investment in R&D, we are going to see some real innovations in customer data and analytics being brought to market.

After a couple of months working with Acceleon team, what would you point out as our strongest points?
We are a capable team concentrated on best-in-class solutions, and committed to our clients’ needs – we take pride in solving problems and helping our clients achieve their objectives. This works alongside our heavy investment in core technical capabilities to allow the agile deployment of new features and services. Our cohesive team structure has all aspects and skills of our business working together for our clients’ needs and having fun while we do it.

How will your team develop from here, and how will you shape new roles or re-shape existing roles?
We are looking forward to expanding our team to include industry-focused experts that can represent the Acceleon Customer Cloud and participate in partnerships with our clients on solving problems through data and analytics. Our support level will also expand to be focused on understanding our clients’ objectives and helping them solve problems using our tech.

Being ‘fresh’ in this industry, what were your first impressions?
What I’ve seen so far is a strong support base in our core user types. In my conversations so far with these groups, we have distilled some commons needs and opportunities for expanding our value proposition to these users. Many of these needs are common to other industry and user types, so this is feeding into our product roadmap. This user-driven investment in technical capability means we can be expanding our platform and services to offer holistic solutions, and this can occur quickly due to the strong technical foundation laid down by Acceleon’s success to date.

Where do you see the most significant potential?
I think we have a lot to offer our existing clients in creating systems aligned with their workflows. Our platform users have clear goals, and our job now is to generate the achievement of those goals. We are now looking at how our core capabilities can be directed to new user types in operations, marketing, sales and finance.

Which exciting new initiatives can you reveal?
We have a full and exciting roadmap. I’d say in brief, that expanding our data analytics services is a crucial component, and then adding workflows and communications to better automate our clients’ processes for them means their success can increase while their workload reduces.

Tell us a bit about yourself outside the work, what are your hobbies or passions?
I have a fantastic family – and we love our dogs, so we spend a lot of time playing with them (or just laughing at them). I also love surfing as growing up on the Mornington peninsula this was my passion since I was 15, and my inside time is spent relearning guitar (and obsessing over guitars and amps). All in all, I always seem to be busy.

And of course, the last question, your favourite app?
OK, it changes often, but today it’s probably YouTube for generally finding anything I want to watch (as I don’t watch much TV) or Ultimate Guitar for learning new songs to play. Oh, and I need to get back to Gaiam Yoga… oops, that’s three!


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