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We’re a leading Australian technology company that provides some of the most complete and secure cloud-based data solutions on the market.

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Every day, more data is generated than ever before. To make the most of it, you have to be able to trust it.

We’ll make data work for you. Combining a wide range of data sources, we find, enhance and validate detailed consumer and business data.

Delivering fast, accurate intelligence, our smart algorithms and streamlined processes can help you move forward with confidence.

Our Solutions

The solutions you need. Data you can trust.

Authorise & Protect

Access advanced detection mechanisms that protect against digital identity fraud.

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Enhance & Validate

Engage quality control safeguards that complete and correct customer data for improved communication.

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Find & Manage

Deploy smart locating, and predictive modelling, to help organise, find, manage and deliver accurate data on demand.

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Make it your own

Our open APIs make it easy for your team to embed our platform with your existing systems and to create a customised solution.

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Unlock the power of  data as a decision-making tool

  • Reliable data made easy

    Access, organise and manage data on demand from one of the largest pools of privacy compliant data sources in Australia.

  • Reduce the unknowns

    Bridge the gaps in your knowledge. Enhance your data, correct errors and plan ahead with predictive modelling.

    Make life easier for your customers too, by integrating KYC compliance and streamlining the onboarding process.

  • Protect what matters

    With stringent quality control safeguards, verified datasets, risk analysis, shared blacklisting and advanced fraud detection, we enable collaboration with confidence.


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Meet Some of Our Clients

High quality & reliability

The team at Acceleon have been supporting illion for a number of years with services across consumer data quality, data matching & data validation.  From the CEO through to support staff; the Acceleon team work very hard to consistently deliver a positive customer experience. The quality & reliability of services provided are fantastic, as is their commitment to performance standards and timely communication.

A trusted product

A product we wouldn’t want to do without, backed by an amazing group of forward-thinking, industry specific professionals who work with their clients in seeing their product remain atop the list of preferred providers.

Seamless integrations

Experian has established a strong and collaborative partnership with Acceleon that has served both parties well for well over a decade. The seamless integration of Acceleon’s accredited data with Experian capability ensures the dynamic delivery of innovative data solutions to our clients across the consumer and commercial arenas. Acceleon are valued partners who continue to operate with utmost professionalism and integrity.

Market leader

Acceleon has proven to be the market leader in terms of the currency of information, application innovation and compliance with regulations. Acceleon is our first point of call when performing any skip-tracing activity.

Powerful data

Acceleon offers a powerful tool that assists with enhancing, validating, and managing our data accuracy that streamlines our business processors. We have developed a fantastic partnership with the Acceleon team and appreciate their product and outstanding service.

Reliable tool

When it comes to using effective skip tracing tools, Acceleon stands out from the rest. It’s a very reliable tool to use

Excellent customer service

We moved from a competitor over to Acceleon approx 12 months ago, having used their services sporadically for many years. We have been so happy with the results, with our searches faster and easier, our training quick and efficient, and the search results are second to none. Their staff have also been so friendly to deal with, and knowledgeable, they have made the process a dream. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough.