About us.

Meet Acceleon

We’re a leading Australian technology company that provides some of most complete and secure cloud-based data solutions on the market.

Our Streamlined processes and smart algorithms make it easy to aggregate, enhance and validate consumers and business data, imporoving accuracy, unlocking insight and minimising risk.

As a result, we accelerate efficiency, create value for clients, and enable confident decision making.

Our Vision

A future where everyone’s identity is safe, secure, and managed with integrity.

Our Values

Stand for Truth

When it comes to data, integrity is everything. Our pursuit of authenticity in all we do builds trust and strengthens relationships.

Unite in Brilliance

Illumination comes from partnership, and collaboration. When we work together, we light the way for others to follow.

Champion Change

Innovation begins with the desire to change, and the skills to make it happen. Proactively, and decisively, we take the lead and celebrate shared success.

Protect what matters

From quality and the data itself, to trust in the system, our relationships, to the chance to embrace opportunity, we believe in protecting the things that are most important.

Why choose us?


We build best-of-breed tools and techniques to provide innovative products and services and combine them with the most comprehensive and current data pool available in Australia.

Our experience

We know that one solution can’t address each customer or every industry; that’s why we offer custom processes to increase efficiencies. We work with each customer to understand their business needs and goals.