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Advanced detection mechanisms that protect against digital identity fraud.

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Build trust in your data, with a range of safeguarding products.

Authorise & Protect


Check your customer records in our system and expose potential identity fraud.

Designed to help you quickly detect potential identity fraud across multiple records, FraudProfiler bulk processes your data, comparing it with thousands of reliable external datasets and flagging anomalies.

FraudProfiler – Identity fraud prevention technology

Find out more about FraudProfiler and how it works.

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Authorise & Protect

Verify API

Instantly check your data against our extensive datasets.

Integrated with your systems, Verify API uses leading parsing, matching and probability scoring technology to verify the accuracy of your data, which can then be used to influence your internal processes.

Authorise & Protect

Locate single

Our web-based portal and broad cross-referencing help you quickly and efficiently find the up-to-date information you need on individuals and businesses.


Fuzzy name searching effectively handles any misspelled, nicknames or aliases.

Phone numbers

Over 300 million residential records including 20+ years of historical data and 25 million current records.


Every record contains a wealth of secondary information, like occupancy length, co-inhabitants or propensity to pay.


Validate and append email addresses to your existing customer list.