Enhance & Validate

Quality control safeguards that complete and correct customer data for improved communication.

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Make the most of your data and unlock fresh insights with our Enhance & Validate products.

Enhance & Validate


Keep your customer database clean and up-to-date, generate reports on its accuracy and improve client communication by cross referencing and verifying against a wide range of high quality reference datasets.

Client Connector is a unique offering in the Australian marketplace with a strong emphasis on enhancing customer experience by updating your existing customer database with their most recent addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. ​

Enhance & Validate

Locate single

Our web-based portal and broad cross-referencing help you quickly and efficiently find the up-to-date information you need on individuals and businesses.


Fuzzy name searching effectively handles any misspelled, nicknames or aliases.

Phone numbers

Over 300 million residential records including 20+ years of historical data and 25 million current records.


Every record contains a wealth of secondary information, like occupancy length, co-inhabitants or propensity to pay.


Validate and append email addresses to your existing customer list.

Enhance & Validate

Locate Batch

Find the information you need to improve the quality of your customer and business datasets, with the most complete, up-to-date databases platform. 

Simply upload your data, tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

Trace throughs

Updated information based on confirmed relocations, other property occupants and possible address changes flagged, helping reduce risk.


Detective work made easy, with a host of alternative locations and phone numbers for individuals, along with missing business details and registration dates.

Smart business matching

Our business name matching logic, together with complete reference files, enable us to offer a comprehensive solution.