Clarity. Integrity. Courage.

Our background

Founded in 2009, by David Johnson and Patrick Blume, Acceleon development and team grew through the last decade. Focused on data quality, the platform utilises the largest business and consumer data pool in Australia, powered by an innovative set of products and features.

Acceleon today

Being part of the Covaler group, Acceleon has access to large-scale technology. We are bringing together the traditional data management capabilities together with the online-big-data and modelling capabilities to develop expertise and products for industries we serve.


We build best-of-breed tools and techniques to provide innovative products and services and combine them with the most comprehensive and current data pool available in Australia.

Our experience

We know that one solution can’t address each customer or every industry; that’s why we offer custom processes to increase efficiencies. We work with each customer to understand their business needs and goals. 

Company values

The same set of values applies across all Covaler brands, inspired by industry standards we want to uphold. Some of them are deeply rooted in our core businesses, some of them we share as aspirational guidance in developing our new products.

Acceleon values
Clarity Acceleon brand image


We seek transparency in relationships within our company, with our clients, partnering businesses, or a broader industry.  


Being ethical in whatever we do is a foundation of our core technologies and products, from early beginnings.

Integrity Acceleon brand image
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We are not afraid to explore a completely new way of doing things or to challenge the status quo.