Approved Information Broker

As an approved information broker, we deliver quick, official and verified ASIC extracts.

Acceleon helps you to verify the legitimacy of any company registered in Australia, and provides you full access to their current and historical information. Order your ASIC extracts now!

Why use our Information Broker service?

Our job at Acceleon is to work closely with data, procuring, processing, and curating information for easy comprehension and use.

We use advanced data-tracking and sourcing technology, making it possible to obtain an enormous amount of information regarding all aspects of a company.

We will also append contact information into your extracts from our comprehensive data sources.

We are experts in data and document retrieval.


ASIC Company Extract

An ASIC Company Extract is a document containing all of the current and historical information about a company.

It is designed to help you verify their legitimacy by providing details about the company and its officeholders, shareholding information and other basic information that the company provides to ASIC.

The ASIC company extract can be ordered from our platform and it includes:

Company name
Shareholder details
Registration date
Type of company
Unique identification number (ABN, ACN, ARBN, ARSN)
Address details
Next review date
List of documents lodged with ASIC

In addition Acceleon also offers the following extracts and documents:

Current and/or historical extract
Roles and relationship extract
Cached extracts (Previously purchased extracts on our platform, offered at a lower price)


How to obtain your ASIC Extracts?

Easy and fast steps to find the up-to-date information you need

We can integrate with any of your systems

This is a more advanced and customised version of Acceleon. 

We scope the problem, and we build a custom API to integrate directly into your systems and remove the need for manual intervention. 


FAQ’S about ASIC Information Broker

Why is working with an ASIC approved information broker important?

ASIC-approved information brokers can provide detailed information to help with financial management, corporate decision-making, debt collection, KYC and conflict resolution.

ASIC-approved information brokers can support you and your company to make well-informed choices that benefit your company, your staff, and your overall business goals and responsibilities.

What industries can benefit from the help of an ASIC approved information broker?

Companies in certain industries are more likely to need the support of a skilled ASIC-approved information broker.

Frequently, financial services companies, including debt collection agencies, investment institutions, and cryptocurrency businesses, need to rely on data obtained by ASIC-approved information brokers.

Data might be used to settle payment disputes, manage financial information, or assist with Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations.

ASIC-approved information brokers also often help legal providers, including investigators, and mercantile industry companies.