Access ASIC Register via Acceleon Customer Cloud

July 2, 2020

How does it work and how using it through our platform makes a difference?  

We compiled a quick set of feature-benefits of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Register access via Acceleon Customer Cloud, as a reminder for our existing users and quick walk-through for our new users.

Quicker and easier user interface

Through the Acceleon Customer Cloud platform, you are getting easy access to Person and Company extracts via one easy to use interface on demand. For example, if you enter a year range for the date of birth, you can search directly for people.  

Get more information  

We also augment the extracts by automatically appending address and phone number details of directors or stakeholders where possible.
Save money – up to 90% discount on previously extracted data  
There are situations where an old extract is just as useful. Cached extracts represent extracts that have previously been purchased in our system and can be re-purchased at a discounted rate.  

Control your spend across the organisation  

General Users can add the desired extracts to the cart, and Company Administrators can approve all purchases. This helps you manage the spend and ensures different users don’t purchase the same extracts.

Bulk buy and invoiced monthly

Rather than needing to provide credit card details for each extract; we’ve simplified the process. Our contract option for ASIC access offers the opportunity to purchase as many extracts as you need and go through the payment process once a month.  

Training and support  

If you have any training and support enquires regarding this or other features, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: