Customer Cloud Account Best Practice

June 1, 2020

Your Acceleon Customer Cloud Account Access & Maintenance – Best Practice

We know how daunting administration work is, and taking care of all the tools and applications we use, but it can also be rewarding when you know that your login-in account details and your data is stored securely.

So many businesses worked remotely in the last few months, and many more are considering introducing flexible working guidelines even when things get back to ‘normal’. That changes security settings for many companies, and that’s why we thought it might be a good time to remind you about the best practices of the user account management.

We wrote a few helpful tips to help you navigate and manage your users on the Acceleon Customer Cloud platform. Let’s start!

Ensure only you have access to your username and password. Ideally, each user of the company account should have a dedicated username & password. Where there is only one username and password across multiple employees, ensure that credentials are changed frequently.

Ensure credentials are changed every time an employee leaves the company, or the account is deleted. If your user type on the Acceleon Customer Cloud is a Company Administrator, it’s advised you check (i.e. monthly) the number of created users and their levels of access.

Ensure that key contacts on the account such as the finance contact and administration contact are always up to date, to ensure correspondence dispatched from Acceleon reaches the right person.

Ensure addresses and phone numbers for the company are always up to date, in the case we ever need to do a mailout or call a key contact concerning account issues or billing issues.

Avoid generic email addresses such as or, if you can. It’s always better to have personalised contact, whether it’s for security reasons, or to be able to manage the communication with a user directly.

If you have any questions concerning your subscription or user accounts, please do not hesitate to contact our commercial team via or give us a buzz on (03) 9670 9797.