FraudProfiler – Identity Fraud Prevention (Launching Soon!)

August 2, 2022

At  Acceleon, we are constantly innovating to keep up with the evolving needs of our customers, by providing the best data solutions for more businesses. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our new product FraudProfiler.

Acceleon has a vision to ensure everyone’s identity is kept safe and secure, so it was a natural path for us to develop and design new product solutions that help keep Australians safe from online identity theft.

Introducing FraudProfiler

A new era in identify fraud prevention!

FraudProfiler was born out of a major banking client’s need to help detect syndicated fraud, identity fraud, APP fraud and SMEs fraud. The objective was three-fold; flag potential fraud at the beginning of the application, improve processing efficiency within the bank and minimise the impact on the customer experience.

Through our robust partnerships with data suppliers, our team have purpose-built a solution that goes beyond traditional identity verification processes that primarily verify documents containing name, address, and date of birth (information that scammers already have access to).

FraudProfiler offers a solution that;  ​

  • Allows businesses to harness non-traditional methods and data sources to help detect identity theft and protect them from fraudulent activity ​
  • Detects anomalies within the data being provided at the beginning of the application process ​
  • Protects consumers from their personal details being utilised within a fraudulent application 

FraudProfiler helps financial services, banking, insurance, retailers, superannuation and any online business where identity verification and fraud prevention are essential.

Available to all businesses!

After developing a successful proof of concept with some of Australia’s top banks, we are excited to announce that FraudProfiler will launch soon and be available to all our existing and new clients.

More information on our new product will be out soon however, we invite you to contact our team members Sara Perry or Cameron Judd to have first access to FraudProfiler – Identity Fraud Prevention Technology.  

Contact us today to find out how we can help you unlock the power of data as a trusted decision-making tool.