Meet & greet: Sara Perry, General Manager

July 2, 2021

Covaler ELT appointed Sara Perry as a new General Manager of Acceleon. Sara jumped into the role and joined the team just at the right time of yearly planning. We thought it would be good to ask her a few questions to make a good introduction and an invitation to connect!

You have rich experience in sales and client service; what do you find most rewarding in that role?

Being a naturally curious and social person, I have always enjoyed meeting and talking to new people. Working in sales allows me to do this.

It also allows me to work closely with clients to resolve issues they may be facing and collaborate on new ideas.

And I have to say; there is nothing more rewarding than seeing clients that I have worked with achieve their goals and see results. Client success gives me an immense feeling of pride and achievement.  

After a couple of months working with the Acceleon team, what would you point out as our strongest points?

I would say customer service, strong work ethic, focus and knowledge. Everyone in the Acceleon team is genuinely driven to help our clients to have the best experience within our platform and products and help them address their needs and requirements.  

There is absolutely no lack of diligence or drive within our team, and I feel fortunate to have joined such a focused and fun group.

Which exciting new initiatives can you reveal?

My focus is on client retention and programs related to our existing customers and product advancements.

Ever since I stepped into the business, the team and I have worked very closely on our overall business plan, roadmap and goals.  

We are all excited and motivated to jump into the work we have set for the next 12 months. For further details, all I will say is, stay tuned and watch this space!  

Tell us a bit about yourself outside the work, what are your hobbies or passions?

Outside of work, I am highly social and always on the go, whether this is running to and from soccer with my son or spending time with family and friends.

I also enjoy being outdoors and staying active; this could be going for a run, paddle boarding or simply going for a walk along the beach with my son and our bulldog Nugget.  

And of course, the last question, your favourite work or entertainment app?

Now, this would have to be Netflix for most of us, wouldn’t it? As much as I love staying active, being a Melbournian with many cold days and nights, there is nothing better than squeezing in a Netflix binge of your favourite series.  

We wish Sara and the time the best of luck in her new role, and if you want to reach out, please do so via her LinkedIn profile here!