We are ISO 27001 certified!

December 1, 2021

At Acceleon, we are excited to announce our ISO 27001 certification!  

We have formally attained the highest level of industry standard security practices by achieving ISO 27001 accreditation.

This achievement will allow us to continue providing top quality cloud-based data solutions to our clients while maintaining a high level of security. With our professional certification, we’re proving our commitment to act as a trusted service provider, offering data that you can trust.  

We’re proud of the hard work we’ve put into our business, and we know that our ISO 27001 certification can help us continue to grow. We look forward to further enhancing our information security management skills and helping more of our clients.  

What is ISO 27001 certification?

ISO 27001 certification is an internationally recognised best practice framework for information security management system (ISMS) providers. What does this mean?  

This certification lets our clients and stakeholders know just how seriously we take information security. We recognise the importance of trust and protection when working with data.  

Obtaining ISO 27001 certification involves a range of checks and balances. Companies must prove compliance with important rules, regulations, and documentation processes.  

Only businesses with excellent controls for data security, risk assessment, and information management are eligible to receive ISO 27001 certification.

We have proved our commitment to effective data management to an independent ISO auditor.  

With our certification, we can reliably provide safe, secure, and trustworthy data. You can be confident that we will protect your information with effective technical and security measures.  

As a newly ISO-certified company, we are committed to maintaining our high professional standards, meaning that our clients can continue to expect outstanding attention to detail when it comes to information security.  

What services does ISO 27001 certification cover?

At Acceleon, we work closely with data, so it’s essential that we know the value of effective data security.  

Our ISO 27001 certification applies to all of our services and solutions. As certified data professionals, we maintain a high level of information security across all aspects of our business so that your information remains safe and secure at all times.  

We use advanced systems and processes to ensure that all information we receive, track, or share is treated with security and confidentiality. We protect the integrity of all data and associated processes so that our clients can trust our services.

Our certification relates to all areas of business where we are required to maintain the security of information.  

Throughout our company, we are compliant with all legal regulations. We regularly review information management processes, and we respond to all assessment and documentation policies to ensure the ongoing quality of our services and approach.  

What are the benefits to our customers?

When dealing with a data professional, the most important factors to consider are accuracy, efficiency, and security. ISO 27001 certification means that we can prove our commitment to the things that matter most to our clients.  

By protecting information with high-level data security processes, we can assess and reduce risks to ensure that data remains accurate and reliable, we can deliver increased security of all our systems and we can minimize, and eliminate risks.

We can provide clear and efficient data retrieval and analysis processes, making it easier for clients to interpret, understand, and utilise information via our cloud-based data solutions.  

The process has helped us in reinforcing a strong security culture and aligning our implementation and risk management strategy with international government standards.  

With our certification, we can promise our clients that we treat information with care. It also supports our vision of creating a future where everyone’s identity is safe, secure, and managed with integrity.  

What are the next steps for Acceleon?

At Acceleon, our business is growing every day with each new step, providing us with new opportunities to support clients just like you.  

We’re thrilled that our internal processes meet the world-class information security standards set by the ISO 27001 certification and we’ll continue to demonstrate our dedication to data security in the future.

Over the months and years to come, we will continue to rely on the advanced technical information management and security processes that enable us to provide excellent data services.  

We will identify and prevent security threats, and we will pursue only the best data security results for our clients.  

With the internationally recognised certification on our side, we can provide secure and trustworthy services that help our clients better understand and navigate the world of data.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you unlock the power of data as a trusted decision-making tool.