What is Skip Tracing, how does it work and why is it important to use an efficient Skip Tracing product?

April 11, 2022

Unpaid debts, fraud, and scams are on the rise more than ever as the national average personal debt in Australia is one of the highest in the world, and now there is a six year limit to how long you can spend chasing most debts.

When a customer fails to pay for products or services, typically the first thing businesses do is attempt to contact them about their debt. But what do you do when that customer doesn’t pay their debt and simply disappears?

Through data collection and analysis, professionals have ways to find who they are looking for using a method called “skip tracing”.

The “skip” part refers to someone intentionally disappearing. The “trace” part is about tracking down or tracing someone’s location.

Access to an efficient skip tracing product can help you find individuals and businesses before it’s too late.

Wondering how skip tracing works and why is it so important to use an efficient skip tracing product? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is a professional process used to trace someone who may be difficult to find. It allows skip tracers to collect available information and use it to locate an individual or business.

There are many circumstances that may require a skip trace search. Commonly, skip tracing is used by private investors, financial professionals, real estate workers, debt collection and unclaimed money agencies.  

Skip tracing allows these professionals to identify hard-to-find people, obtain payment for unpaid debts, in case of contract avoidance and potentially prevent fraud and scams.

Effective skip tracing starts with a detailed data set. These provide access to sensitive information by ethical and lawful means, helping skip tracers locate missing or hard-to-trace individuals and businesses.

How does skip tracing work?

In all cases, the skip tracing process revolves around information. Skip tracers gather, verify, and use data to understand the movements of a particular individual to uncover their current whereabouts.

A skip tracer may rely on readily available past data about a person, such as their address, workplace, or contact details, in order to track changes and identify patterns.

Is skip tracing legal?

Skip tracing is a necessary component of many business activities, especially in the financial, real estate, private investigation, and debt collection industries.

In Australia, skip tracing is legal and ethical, so long as you know and understand appropriate privacy rules and regulations.

Using a verified skip tracing product can help you ensure that you are obtaining quality information from ethical, legal, and reliable sources.

What data does a skip tracer access?

The best skip tracers access people search databases that allow them to investigate both current and historical information about their subjects. These databases may include phone numbers, email contacts, and work or residential addresses, along with other information.

For example, Acceleon has exclusive access to the Integrated Public Number Directory (IPND). This has allowed us to build our own PND data set, the largest and most comprehensive in Australia.

We offer access to over 300 million daily-updated records and more than 25 years of historical data. The information available in our exclusive data sets along with our custom built matching algorithms, enables skip tracers to work quickly and efficiently with a high degree of accuracy.

Why is it so important to use an efficient Skip Tracing product?

Tracking down individuals and businesses isn’t easy.

As is so often the case for investment tools, you get what you pay for when it comes to skip tracing.

Using an efficient skip tracing product makes it simple and fast to get rapid, precise results so you can find debtors and collect overdue debt.

Advanced options to search people and businesses, as well as cross-reference and verify the most up-to-date insights from Australia’s largest and most reputable data sources, are provided by an effective skip tracing tool.

Skip tracing can be time-consuming and expensive, therefore a smart and targeted strategy employing an efficient skip tracing product is often the key to successfully finding someone you’re looking for.

Why choose Acceleon skip tracing products?

At Acceleon, we offer market-leading Locate Single and Locate Batch skip tracing products.

Our systems are built for investigative professionals, real estate providers, finance and accounts staff, and mercantile and refund agents.

Our products operate as default tools for single and volume searching and locating, allowing you to find the whereabouts of consumers and businesses alike.

Using our exclusive data sets, skip tracing is made easy! You can apply data verification, specific search criteria, and tight matching searches. This allows you to explore a variety of leads and develop detailed histories and geo-profiles for the subject(s) of your search.

Once you’ve obtained the results you’re looking for, you can also access spreadsheet and summary sheet materials, helping you understand system outcomes clearly.

What now?

If you’re ready to start skip tracing, don’t do it without the help of Acceleon.

Contact us today to find out more about our skip tracing products!