Identity Fraud Prevention Technology

A single platform that will reduce the time spent on processing customer records, by producing a risk score for potential identity fraud. Designed to help you quickly, and efficiently detect identity fraud across multiple records, we bulk process your data, comparing it with thousands of reliable external datasets to minimise the risk surrounding fraud.

FraudProfiler helps financial services, banking , insurance, retailers, superannuation and any online business where identity verification and fraud prevention are essential.

Identity Fraud

At shocking rates, everyday Australians are falling victim to identity takeover and their personal information is used without consent for someone else’s financial benefit.

Fraudsters can falsify identity documents, obtain loans and banking codes, or even steal money and personal information.

Identify fraud attacks are fast becoming more sophisticated, making it more challenging to fight. Today’s fraudsters can capitalise on new platforms, operating systems, and security weaknesses.

Now more than ever before, Australian businesses need strong systems to guard against identity fraud and protect customers from financial crime.

Acceleon helps businesses improve their identity fraud prevention efforts with FraudProfiler.

Identity Fraud Prevention Technology


As identity fraud continues to grow, with criminals becoming more sophisticated at their craft.

FraudProfiler technology can help keep your customers safe and protect your business by preventing identity fraud.

With FraudProfiler you can check your customer records in our system and prevent identity fraud.

Using data-driven technology designed to help you quickly detect potential identity fraud across multiple records, we bulk process your data, analysing each unique data point and comparing it with thousands of reliable external datasets and flagging anomalies.

Identity Fraud Prevention Technology

How does FraudProfiler work?

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Identity Fraud Prevention Technology

Why use FraudProfiler?

  • FraudProfiler enables you to stop identity fraud before it happens.
  • FraudProfiler is modular, it can run on its own or easily integrate into your existing system.
  • Fast and accurate technology.
  • Increase revenue and reduce losses from costs associated with identity fraud.
  • Minimise operational work, manual reviews, and investigation time.
  • Real-time and cloud-based.

We can integrate with any of your systems

This is a more advanced and customised version of Acceleon. 

We scope the problem, and we build a custom API to integrate directly into your systems and remove the need for manual intervention. 

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Over 500 million records

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Landlines and mobile numbers across current and historical datasets
  • Nicknames / aliases

Identity Fraud Prevention Technology

FAQ’S about FraudProfiler & Identity Fraud Prevention

What is identity fraud?

Identity fraud (also known as identity theft or crime) involves someone using another individual’s personal information without consent, often to obtain a benefit.

How can we be sure Acceleon is data compliant?

Acceleon has received comprehensive legal advice in respect of the handling of its data. Our data is sourced from publicly available datasets, marketing data, and other legislated data sources and is obtained in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). We maintain high standards of how we collect, hold, maintain and use personal information, specifically within the Australian legislative framework.

Who’s FraudProfiler for?

FraudProfiler is built for financial services, banking , insurance, retailers, superannuation and any online business where identify verification and fraud prevention is essential.

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