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Privacy Policy (Feedback Surveys)


The privacy policy relates to the feedback surveys originated from Acceleon, for the purpose of collecting user feedback on Acceleon products.

What information we collect

By conducting these surveys, we may collect the following information from you:
– The company that you use Acceleon products for.
– Your opinions about Acceleon products.
– Your contact details:
– Email Address
– Phone number

Why we collect the information

The information is used to help our team understand how our products are used and what improvements could be made to the products.

Contact details are only collected if you choose to opt-in to be contacted for future feedback surveys. Contact details are only provided to our team members that wish to distribute more feedback surveys.

How we collect personal information.

Any personal information is only collected via questions within the feedback surveys and only if you choose to provide it.
All other information is anonymised, analysed and aggregated to better understand how our products are used.

How we hold personal information.

Acceleon is ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) certified. This is an internationally recognised standard on how we manage information security. All personal information we collect from these surveys are stored securely in our systems where access is provided on a needs basis.

Who do we disclose the information to?

The information provided about our products is disclosed to out Commercial, Product, UX & Design, and Engineering teams for analysis.

The contact detail information provided is only disclosed to our Product and UX & design teams who distribute the surveys and collect the initial survey data.

The information collected may be disclosed to people within Acceleon and our Related Body Corporates which have employees in Australia, South Africa and Dubai.

How an individual may access their personal information and seek correction of it.

If you do not provide any contact details, we are unable to determine which survey answers belong to you. In this instance, should you wish to correct any survey answers, you will need to complete a new survey.

If you do provide contact details and wish to correct any survey answers, you may contact us at: or

How an individual may complain if we, or a contractor, breaches the APPs or a binding registered APP code.

If you wish to make a complaint about how your personal information is handled, please contact us at:

Should you not be happy with the response received from our privacy team, you may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner here: