The market leading skip tracing tool

People & Businesses

Acceleon Customer Cloud is a default tool for single and volume searching and locating consumers and businesses, built for mercantile agents, investigative roles, finance, and accounts receivables.

Exclusive data sets

Acceleon acquired an exclusive access to the Integrated Public Number Directory (IPND) which allowed us to build our own PND Data Set, unique on Australian market. As an addition, our system holds over 20 years of historical data and well over 300 million records that are updated daily. We own the largest and most comprehensive legal data set in the Australian market. 

ASIC approved information broker

Access our ASIC capabilities to get information on companies and individuals via subscription or API. Get ASIC Extracts at the best price! 


Perfect for sole traders and start ups, 1 user


Small business teams starting to ramp up, up to 5 users


Established businesses with growing search volumes, up to 15 users


For large teams of all sizes with high volumes, 16+ users

Easy to use platform

We can integrate with any of your systems

This is more advanced and customised version of using Customer Cloud functionalities. We have two types of APIs, standardised for customers that have know-how and resources to implement the process.  

Custom APIs where we scope the problem, and we build a custom API to integrate directly into your systems and remove the need for manual intervention. 


Acceleon has received comprehensive legal advice in respect of the handling of its data. Our data is sourced from legislated data sources and is obtained in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). We maintain high standards of how we collect, hold, maintain and use personal information, specifically within the Australian legislative framework. We are Australian owned and operated, and all our data is housed securely onshore, in Australia.